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50 PR-459 Suite 4175 Aguadilla, PR 00605
Office 787-291-3878
Cell 408-316-2578

We are transitioning into a new company in Puerto Rico.

Favorible business conditions have led our firm to relocate to this Island Paradise.
We are a consulting firm providing:
Expert assessment of software systems and operations
Development of proprietary, open-source, and dual-purpose systems for the Android, Iphone, web environment.
OpenGL ES 2.0 development
Snobol4 and Spitbol language internal/external development
Complex data parsing, cutover, and bridges between systems
Relational Database Design
Parsing Technical Documentation into web sites
Video Game Virtual Radio software

We also have experience with customizing the Oracle® Clinical application.

Tools are developed with C, perl, PHP, JavaScript, Objective C, snobol4, and others.
Silent Radiance A digital "Silent Disco" and Streaming "Distance Disco" platform.

Killer Cool's Open Source Repository Software for the benefit of the world

The Fake Name series Designed to protect our real identities by making consistent realistic fake names.

Killer Cool's Open Source Repository Software for the benefit of the world

Newer open source repository for the benefit of the solar system.
Special Mention:

libftgles2 Freetype2 Open GL ES 2.0 interfce. (Draws fonts in iOS and Android video games

Pooled Table Viewer View the SAP® R/3® pool tables directly from the Oracle database.

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